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FYI: Update on Government of Canada web-based information regarding Retirement

In late June 2023, the Government of Canada launched the Retirement Hub — a new user-friendly online tool designed to help seniors, near-seniors and those who support them to learn about benefits available to them as they plan for their retirement. The tool aims to enhance retirement planning and empower Canadians to make informed decisions.

The Hub offers a retirement ready quiz , which generates a personalized checklist for users from their answers to questions. The checklist outlines steps to plan their retirement years with confidence. Our objective is to improve the retirement planning experience for all seniors and near seniors, especially those in underserved communities and communities of care.

As well, the latest version of the Old Age Security Benefits Estimator has been unveiled. The enhanced estimator provides new functionalities such as benefit estimates for common-law partners or spouses. The OAS Benefits Estimator makes it easy for Canadians to get personalized results. This tool increases awareness of, and access to, benefits that they are entitled to.


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