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Our Team

Working together to provide our patients with high quality primary care.

Administration & Finance

  • Waunita Hopkin

  • Collin Corbiere

  • Heather McGauley

  • Meggin Morgan

  • Lori Oswald, Executive Director

  • Rosalind Seabrook

  • Lenora Tann

  • Mary Wilson

  • Meghan Peters

Health Care Providers

  • Marsha Moggy, Registered Practical Nurse

  • Lianne Charette, Health Promoter   

  • Patreen Hare, Nurse Practitioner 

  • Tara Rollins, Nurse Practitioner 

  • Nola Thompson, Registered Dietitian 

  • Chris Wallace, Registered Nurse 

  • Julia Sheppard, Registered Nurse 

  • Amy Wheale, Personal Support Worker

  • Marnie Hall, Social Worker

Health Care Providers

  • Dr. Reed Gillanders

  • Dr. Maryna Harelnikava

  • Dr. Frances Kilbertus

  • Dr. Kevin O'Connor

  • Dr. Maurianne Reade

  • Dr. Mouafak Al Hadi

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