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Strategic Directions


  • Strengthen cultural awareness, competency and safety

  • Enhance access

  • Ensure technology works for all

  • Align expectations with effective communication

Our patients’ journey will be one of wholistic well-being.

We place the interests of patients first, by providing access to high
quality health care that respects cultural values with the support of our partners.

Our Values:
Accountability & Responsibility

Our Strategic Directions will align our focus to four key areas to achieve the greatest success. Using this approach to optimize health care system performance, the following outcomes will be attained:

  • Population Health: Improve the health of our patient population

  • Patient Experience: Enhance the patients’ experience of the health care system

  • Financial Efficiency: Efficient and effective management of health care resources

  • Care Team Wellbeing: Provide balance and meaningful work life for our health care team


Our Strategic Goals will align efforts toward all four Strategic Directions:

Strengthen cultural awareness, competency and safety: To better reflect the diversity of cultures within
our team and patient population.

  • Support greater cultural humility and cultural competence among our team

  • In consultation with our Indigenous Partners, we will ensure that our programs and services reflect a high degree of cultural awareness.

  • As transformation occurs within our health system, we will work closely with our Island partners to ensure that our patients’ and providers’ needs are addressed in a fair, culturally safe and equitable manner.

Enhance access:

  • Support the relationship between primary health care providers and the patients through timely access to care.

  • Implement an efficient telecommunication system.

  • Support the timely and appropriate access to health information by providers and patients.

  • Advocate for solutions for patients who do not have access to Internet, computers or transportation

Ensure technology works for all:

  • Enhance telemedicine opportunities to reduce travel for both on-Island and off-Island health care appointments.

  • Implement secure methods of e-communication between health care providers and patients

Align expectations with effective communication:

  • Create an effective marketing campaign to inform patients, health care partners and providers of current health programming opportunities.

  • Participate in public activities to increase health awareness in the community.

  • Build capacity within the health care team to participate effectively in knowledge transfer.

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