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COVID-19 Information for Patients

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from your healthcare team.

Jasper & Tabitha Play a Trick on the Coronas

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learn about coronavirus. 


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Articles by Nola Thompson

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Sudbury & District Health Unit

What you need to know about coronavirus.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment

To help determine if you need to seek further care.

COVID-19 Travel Advice

Please read if you have traveled recently.

Telehealth Ontario - Health811 (

Call for medical advice at 1-866-797-0000 (TTY 1-866-797-0007). 

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The use of a facial coverings (non-medical mask e.g., homemade cloth mask) in public or other settings does not replace the need for good hygiene and public health measures.  Physical distancing (2 metres) must still be followed even if you are wearing a facial covering.

Wearing a facial covering in the community has not been proven to protect the person wearing it, but may be an extra measure to protect others around you.  While a facial covering can act as a barrier and help stop the tiny droplets from spreading when you cough or sneeze, it can also become a source of infection if it is not properly worn or discarded.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide care to our patients through telephone calls and virtual care options.  Regular business hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday, and telephones are answered between 9:15 am and 4:00 pm.


Due to the high volume of calls, you may be put on hold while we assist other patients.  We will return to assist you as soon as possible.  Your patience is very much appreciated, or please try your call again.

For the safety of our patients, team members and health care providers, our front door remains locked at all times. Patients with confirmed in-person appointments at the clinic are asked to use the doorbell located to the left of the front door or call the clinic using their cell phone and the number located on the front door for entry via the main entrance to the Family Health Team. 

ONLY patients with confirmed in-person appointments and who are screened negative for COVID-19 will be allowed into the clinic.

If you are experiencing any of the following NEW symptoms, DO NOT come to the clinic:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath


If your symptoms are mild, please phone the clinic to discuss your health care needs.  If your symptoms are severe, then

you may need to be tested for the coronavirus at an approved COVID-19 Assessment centre.  Assessment centres on the island are located adjacent to the emergency departments in Little Current (call 705-368-2300) and Mindemoya (call 705-377-5311).  YOU MUST CALL AHEAD FOR AN APPOINTMENT.


If you have severe shortness of breath or are extremely ill, call 911.

For up-to-date information about coronavirus, and how to keep yourself and your family well and safe, visit:


Let's work together to keep our community safe and healthy.  Please follow the directions of your health care providers and Public Health.

Stay safe!

Manitoulin Central Family Health Team

Contact us at: 705-377-5371

Letter to Patients

More Information about COVID-19

Manitoulin's COVID-19 Assessment Centre

Click here to learn more about  COVID-19 assessment on Manitoulin Island.

Staying Safe

at Home

Check out the latest

from your friendly neighborhood dietitian, Nola!

Rethinking Quarantine

for Wellness

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Quaran-tivities to beat the boredom and stay health and well!



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simple steps to protect

you and the people

around you.

Are you a senior (65 or older) and having difficulty paying for your medications?

If your annual net income is:

$19,300 or less (you are single)  OR  $32,200 or less (combined with a spouse you are living with),

You may qualify for government assistance.

Please speak with us about the Seniors Co-payment Program.

We'd be happy to assist you.

Click here for more information.

MM - Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Stockpiling drugs can lead to local shortages:

Canadians urged not to buy more medication than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Canada understands the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizes that Canadians may be concerned about not being able to get medications they rely on for themselves and their loved ones.
While the Government of Canada recommends that Canadians refill their prescriptions now so that they do not have to go to a pharmacy if they become sick, we are urging patients not to buy more medication than usual. This will help ensure that all Canadians continue to have access to the medications they need and it will also help prevent drug shortages.

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