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Too many hands in the bowl

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’. But there is another example of over-crowding in the kitchen…and it doesn’t just result in a poorly executed recipe – it could make you sick. Yes, I’m talking about the proverbial chip bowl sitting in the lunch room, the shared bowl of popcorn at a family games night or the bowl of candies sitting on your coffee table. That shared bowl of snacks might as well be a bowl full of germs. At times like these we need to be extra careful regarding ‘hand hygiene’. While we do need to be careful to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly all the time we are especially reminded of this at times like these. When sharing snacks with those around us we cannot be sure that others have practiced good hand hygiene – we only have control over our own actions.

So how can we prevent sharing germs along with snacks and other foods? I propose we ditch the shared bowls and instead pour separate servings into individual bowls, cups, etc. An even better move might be to visit virtually using Skype, phone calls, or face time. You can come together over food and drink just as easily from a few km away as in the same room if you use the right technology. Food has always had the power to bring us together, nourishing our bodies and our relationships. There is no reason we can’t find ways to continue coming together safely now too – it just may look a little different than it usually does.

Stay safe and healthy in these days everyone.

Thank you, Miigwetch, Merci,

~ Your friendly neighborhood dietitian.

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